Motley Fool One Is Opening Up Soon

Motley Fool One, the Über-premiere service from the Motley Fool is opening again soon. I’ve begun receiving marketing emails recently teasing the service and providing a link to their website where they provide miscellaneous free premium reports and videos. In typical Motley Fool style, this will lead up to an actual invitation to subscribe in a few weeks.

For those who don’t know, Motley Fool One is an investment service run by Motley Fool CEO Tom Gardner, where you get access to every single premium service the Motley Fool offers. The analysts also curate the best picks of all the services and recommend a “best of the best”.

In addition you get access to Tom Gardner’s Everlasting Portfolio which he started last year, and which is his actual personal portfolio. He apparently owns no stocks outside of this portfolio.When Motley Fool One was first marketed, the Everlasting Portfolio was meant to be held forever. But it seems that Tom Gardner realized that there is a limit to the idea of “long term investing”, even for the Motley Fool, and the minimum holding period has been reduced to a more realistic five years. He will invest 400K of Motley Fool’s own money as well, picking 5 stocks each quarter.

There are other additional exclusive services offered as well, including if I remember correctly from last year’s offer, an opportunity to visit the company’s headquarters and meet with the team.

I’m tempted to sign up for the service. The price of Motley Fool One last time was offered at $5500 for one year, but scaled down to $3200 per year, if you signed up for 3 years. It’s a hefty price tag, which you would expect from an all-access type subscription. I’ll be curious to see if they’ve raised the price this time around. I have not heard much about the service, even on the internal forums, but they generally offer a money back guarantee of some type, so I could take advantage of that.

My other concern is information overload. Even though they claim to provide a best of the best recommendation from across all the services, it could get overwhelming to try to keep up with all the newsletters, updates, stocks, and boards.

If I do sign up for the service, you can definitely expect to see a Motley Fool One review on this site.

What about you? Anyone have any insight to offer on Motley Fool One?

UPDATE: Check out my full coverage on Motley Fool One pricing and membership details here.

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