Motley Fool One to Include Financial Advisor Service

Motley Fool One held a pre-launch video Q&A session today and there was a lot of vague mentions of a new “planning service” that will be part of the Motley Fool One service. Tom Gardner said they couldn’t get into details because this new component will be a regulated service, but that more information will be available tomorrow once they send out actual pricing information and the Motley Fool One enrollment officially opens.

However, I did pull this from their Daily Q&A section which adds a little more color to this new service:

First, a new brand-new (and in my opinion, extremely exciting) service is about to be rolled out exclusively to our Motley Fool ONE members — one that will aggregate all of your accounts in one place, allow you to get individualized investment advice tailored just for you, and provide access to a registered financial advisor from one of the world’s top advisory firms. Full details on this new service will be forthcoming soon, but one thing I would stress is that these advisors are fiduciary, meaning they must act in your best interests, and they have nothing to sell.

This is a really interesting development and another evolution in the Motley Fool investing philosophy. Historically Motley Fool has stressed taking ownership of your own investing and that financial advisors were largely an unnecessary expense standing between you and your financial success. But according to Tom Gardner they are adding this service because of 20 years of member requests. But it sounds like this component will be optional, which seems like a good compromise between expanding their offerings and staying true to their history.

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