Motley Fool Opens Again, Prices Revealed

Motley Fool One opened to new members on September 18th, and their new prices have been revealed! In the original marketing, they had promised a “major roll back discount”, and the prices are indeed on par with the prices in effect back in March of 2013. The “rationale” behind this rollback is that the SMA (Separately Managed Account) feature, which was only recently added, has been temporarily closed to new money.

Per the Motley Fool One membership email:

But the Motley Fool Wealth Management team quickly realized that they would need to greatly expand the scope of this unique financial solution to better meet the needs of members… So they’ve temporarily stopped accepting new money into SMAs, and begun substantially revamping this offering from the ground up in order to accommodate a far wider variety of Foolish needs, including more investment account types, risk-tolerances, and financial goals to better meet the needs of both current and future Motley Fool ONE members.

As we mentioned earlier, due to the fact that the new SMA feature from Motley Fool Wealth Management is currently undergoing a major facelift and will temporarily be unavailable to new members, we are making a completely unprecedented — and some of our competitors might even say “crazy” — concession… And, for this new member reopen ONLY, rolling our prices back to almost exactly the levels they were at BEFORE we introduced SMAs in the first place.


This is the first new enrollment in a while that did not introduce any new features to the service, and also the first one that did not introduce price increases. They are also offering a $1000 early acceptance discount, as they have in the past, as well as their 1-year 100% money back guarantee. The guarantee is exceptionally generous, as it basically allows you to sample the service for a year for no cost whatsoever (you do have to front the money for a year of course, and then get your refund). And as always, the multi-year memberships offers the best bargains.

The news about SMA’s being expanded is interesting. I’ve previously noted that I considered the SMA’s a game-changing feature for the service, and this promised expansion of the feature seems to confirm its popularity, as well as the Motley Fool’s interest in doubling down on it.

So here are the September prices. And for one-stop shopping on all the latest, comprehensive information on Motley Fool One, make sure to check out my brand new Motley Fool One page.

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September 2014 Motley Fool One Prices

  • 1 year membership: $7599
  • 2 year membership: $9599 ($4800/year)
  • 3 year membership: $11599 ($3866/year)
  • 5 year membership: $13599 ($2720/year)
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  • dan September 21, 2014, 12:17 pm

    what a ridiculous subscription price.

  • Jim September 23, 2014, 5:59 pm

    Look below to see what Motley fool Rule Breakers did for me in a few weeks. All loses from their ‘buy now’ recommendations. Save your money, use morningstar.

    Symbol Description gain percent gain
    BOFI BOFI Holding Inc. -$144.00 -2%
    INVN InvenSense -$659.00 -13%
    INVN InvenSense -$372.00 -15%
    INVN InvenSense -$896.10 -12%
    PRLB Proto Labs Inc -$1,204.00 -8%
    PRLB Proto Labs Inc -$677.00 -9%

    • Kevin September 23, 2014, 9:13 pm

      Jim, it’s always terrible to see your stocks go down but judging performance over the course of few weeks is usually not a good idea. Motley Fool services are all about Long term buy&hold investing, and they never suggest that their “best buy” recommendations are going to go up in the next few weeks.

      But tell me more about Morningstar – what do you like about the service vs. Motley Fool?

  • Thomas Ballantyne November 11, 2014, 12:28 pm

    So I got what I thought was a coveted invite to the Motley Fool Pro… Which I am not sure if it’s the same or different from the ONE…

    ” In the hours that remain between now and MIDNIGHT TONIGHT a number of your fellow Fools will take an important step forward…
    Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014
    Dear Thomas,
    Will you be among them?
    To help you make an informed decision before Motley Fool PRO closes to new members at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, please consider the following invitation (including a gift worth $400)…
    Just click the following link to access your priority invitation:

    I am just a little skeptical to how legit this “exclusive” offer is. According to their website their group is closed. I added my name to the list to be notified… in 2 short days it was open again!!! What gives?

    Is it really locked down and I just happen to time it perfectly? Or is this just a marketing ploy?

    • Kevin November 11, 2014, 12:39 pm

      Pro is different than Motley Fool One. Take a look at my review on Pro at Pro itself has been closed but actually is in the middle of opening its membership so congratulations you did time it very well!


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